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I have trained and flown eagles all over the world, in the desert of the UAE, the jungle of the Philippines and in the high desert of North America. No matter where in the world my eagle falconry has taken me one thing remains constant, the need for quality equipment. I just recently returned from the Philippines where I was asked to train one of the world’s most endangered eagles.  With only 300 remaining, the Philippine eagle is at great risk.  Training one of these magnificent eagles in the jungle has its own set of risks and losing an eagle is not an option. Having high quality jesses and leashes is a must, I could not afford an equipment failure.

That’s why I have used Mike Craig jesses and leashes on all my eagles.

Joe Atkinson

 Sometimes it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.I have been using Mike Craig's braided Jesse and tail extentions for the past few years,
his craftsmenship is excellent. His leashes and custom works are made for you per your specific needs. If you have a bird that likes to eat equipment, I suggest you call Mike for your needs.

Ed Fitch Sr
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